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TFB Mandrels

One Day Service

Chrome and Bronze mandrels in 46 sizes (.375" O.D. to 3.0" O.D.) are shipped in 24 hours or less.

Basic Mandrels and More

Tube bending has come a long way since wet-packed sand cerrobend or cable mandrels. In addition to the basic mandrels described below, TFB has designed these and many other specialty hybrid materials: hydroforming, wave guide, tube-within-a-tube, bend-on-a-bend, sizing, bullet-nosed, plastic, and sheathed materials.

Among the many factors which influence the type of mandrel selection and number of balls, these are the most important considerations:

We provide a selection of mandrels for any conceivable requirement. We also furnish the "H" style universal flexing, link mandrels. Our single-plane "Brute" mandrel has superior strength and straight ball alignment; ideal for high production or larger tubes. Mandrels are available for literally any size of tube/pipe, as well as any square, rectangle, or shape. All mandrels are available in standard pitch, close pitch, or for extremely thin wall tubes, the ultra-close pitch configuration. Mandrel materials are bronze or tool steel. Steel mandrels can be hard-chrome plated, Kro-Lon® plated, or titanium nitrided.