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TFB Bend Dies


The proper style of bend dies to be used will be indicated by such factors as tube O.D. x C.L.R., bender size, degree of bend, etc. Hardened dies are 60-62 Rockwell C with a penetration of .035 - .040 deep. Bending applications requiring precision tools have ground tube grooves, counter bores, and all other crucial dimensions. You don’t have to re-invent the wheel or make a costly tooling mistake. Describe your bending application and allow our expertise to provide the bend die and family of tools.


  1. Tube O.D. and Wall
  2. Center Line Radius
  3. Make and Size of Bender
  4. Degree of Bend
  5. Rotation of Bender
  6. Interlock Dimension
  7. Desired Production